We have quality individuals from a variety of performance based families. Our primary focus has been line breeding with our “Tangent 6678” family. “Tangent” was a great young bird racer as were all of his siblings that year and has proven his worth as a breeder.  His parentage is from all of Ganus Family Loft‘s greats. We currently have six generations down from this spectacular cock breeding for us. In 2016 we introduced representatives of the M&D Evans (Myrtle Loft) family of Vandenabeeles and the Klaas family in order to bolster our current stock.

Our operation is very small. Due to restrictions of the area in which we live, we cannot fly our birds nor can we maintain a loft that will house more than six pairs of breeders at any one time. These facts have mandated that we be very selective in the birds in our breeding program. Each pair breeds in an individual compartment to insure the parentage of the young that they produce.

We have entered into a number of arrangements with other fanciers over the years that allow us to fly and test our youngsters.  Our current arrangement for the last six years has been a partnership with Dick Fassio of Fassio Loft. This relationship has been a tremendous asset.  We are both members of the Salt Lake Invitational Club. This enables us to fly out of his loft with separate results. Dick is truly a master flier, mentor and friend. Check out www.wasatchconcourse.com for the 2018 young bird race results and awards in order to get an idea of how successful this partnership has been.

Unfortunately, we currently have all of our birds for sale. We are offering them for sale via iPigeon and by private treaty (contact us for inquiries).

We hope you enjoy seeing our birds as much as we enjoy having them. Thanks for visiting!