About Us

We are located in Sandy, UT, just South of Salt Lake City.  Nestled up against the Wasatch front we have beautiful mountains as a backdrop for our loft. Our club and combine race from the North and the birds have to chose between canyons, passes and long sloping valleys when flying home. Head winds and canyon cross winds are prevalent on most releases. It takes tough, intelligent birds to survive each season.

Our focus has always been on breeding rather than flying.  As such, we are always pressing the envelope. Our breeders are replaced regularly as younger, better performing individuals present themselves. Our feeling is that if we are standing still, we are moving backwards.

The decisions to add key individuals to cross into our “Tangent 6678” Family have been made with a great deal of deliberation.  We needed birds that would enhance our ability to compete in one of the most difficult races courses in the country. The old adage of “different horses for different courses” is one that has come to the forefront as we have experimented with different families.   While some families of birds that we have tried provided great competition up through 250 miles or so, we were looking for something tougher without giving up the speed needed to win out to 400 miles. After months of research, we made the decision to add two cocks to our breeding program.


The first acquisition for the 2016 breeding season was a bird named “Impeckable”.  He is a direct son off the “Perfect Pair” and bred by John Marles, Sylvan Loft.  “Impeckable” was a proven breeder in the Northeast for David Trunnell and in Lexington, KY, for David Stephenson of Kastle Loft. He is of the Vandenabeele family of birds flown by Mark and Dick Evans of Myrtle Loft in England.  The partnership that exists between Myrtle Loft and Sylvan Loft here in the U.S. has provided a gold mine of opportunity for fanciers in this country. We are happy to be counted in that number.

Late in 2016 we came across an older hen of renown.  She was affectionately referred to as the “Ugly Bastard” by her breeder, Mark Evans, Myrtle Loft, in England.  We are very glad that her name is not indicative of her looks and personality!  A direct daughter of “Golden Gaby” and “Carrie”, she has been an unbelievable breeder.   We are forming a syndicate with David Stephenson, Kastle Loft, of Lexington, KY, and one of his cocks for several rounds and then following up for several more rounds with a cock from Bob Lynch, Columba Loft, of Tifton, GA. We have one remaining off of her that has not already sold. We call him “Talon”.

Another major acquisition for 2016 was a cock we named “Boaz”. He is a direct son of Nanez Family Loft’s “Constans”, a phenomenal breeder responsible for over 175 top ten finishes in Specials in the US.  Boaz is a proven breeder in his own right producing diploma winners out to 500 miles. He is just what we look for in a cock.  He is a Klaas/Kannibaal/Janssen based pigeon with tremendous conformation, pedigree, breeding record and unlimited potential. He was donated to a local club as part of their fund raising efforts in 2015.  We were thrilled to be the successful bidder and consider Boaz to be a great addition to our breeding stock. When we mated him to “Rikki”, YAK-2940, we hit the jackpot!

Be sure to check out our listing of current breeders for 2018.